What Colleges Have Produced the Most NFL Hall of Famers

There are many fine college football programs that produce amazing performances every year, and they are pumping great players in the pro ranks. The NFL hall of fame has more people from these four colleges than any others, and this article gives a brief look at each of them. There are many people who have been brilliant in the NFL, and the four colleges with the most hall of famers should come as no surprise to anyone who knows football. There are many people who have played this fine game, and a choice few have gone on to greatness in the NFL.

#1: USC

USC has produced nearly a dozen hall of famers, and they have been producing talent for years that performs well in the NFL. The people who come out of USC are quite gifted, and they are often the best-trained in the sport. They have had many fine coaches, and they have the finest recruiting system because of the power of high school football in California.

#2: Notre Dame

Notre Dame has been a talent machine for many decades, and they have produced players that go on to the NFL to perform at the highest level. They have won many national titles, and they do so with talent that is difficult to place. They have a culture at the school that will change any player into a prototype for the NFL, and they have placed 10 in the hall of fame. Many of the most-loved players in the history of the league are Notre Dame players, and they are still coming to the league to make their mark.

#3: Ohio State

Ohio State is a strong program that leans on the power of its defense and running game. There are many people who have come out of the school to play well in the NFL, and they are moving to the hall of fame because they have the constitution to be in the NFL. It is a strong player who survives in the league for many years, and Ohio State players are often known for their longevity. The longevity that is seen in the Ohio State Buckeyes is good for the NFL, and watching out for many players from the school to become great is a pastime of every NFL fan.

#4: Michigan

Michigan is not surprise in fourth place as they place many people in the NFL hall of fame, and they have had many of the best players in the college game. The game is better when Michigan is good, and former Wolverines often make the NFL great too. It is a lovely school that has a football tradition above all others. They have won more games than any other team and their players are often those who are making the biggest impact in the NFL.

#5: Why These Four?

These four teams have the longest histories of success in the game, and they have more chances than any other to place their players in the hall of fame. Someone who enjoys the game will find it much easier to watch when a Michigan player on the field, and they will see many of them stand in contention for the hall of fame. The Ohio State, USC and Notre Dame teams are no different, and each of them is strong enough to extend their lead on others in the hall of fame standings.

Watching college football is is s simple proposition that brings viewers in contact with the best athletes in the world. They often go on to the NFL where they are elected to the most-elite class in all of sports.