Best Rivalries in College Football

The college football world is covered with rivalries that stretch from state to state. There are schools in each other’s backyards that are not pleased with each other, and there are many more that will cross the state lines to fight with each other. This article explains a few of the different rivalries in college football that are the most intense.

#1: Ohio State And Michigan

No two teams hate each other as much as Ohio State and Michigan. The two states dislike each other as they have had disputes over land, and they are in disagreement every single day over which state is best. They will needle each other every day about who is better, and the two teams have contentious games that are known for their historic value. They have played for titles and traded championships as two of the winningest teams in the history of the sport.

#2: Florida And Georgia

The two teams at Florida and Georgia have named their annual game the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party, and it takes place each year at a neutral site in Jacksonville. It is a game that has bragging rights attached to it, and it is a game that many people want to travel to every year. The game is fun, but also goes a long way to deciding the SEC.

#3: Stanford And Cal

The Big Game is the setting for the most-magical ending to any game ever, and it is a game that everyone in college football is watching every year. It is a time for the world of the sport to converge, and it asks the world to stop to see what the game means to the people of central California.

#4: West Virginia And Pitt

The backyard brawl is a fine game that puts two teams in each other’s areas together to prove who is best. It is a game that has bragging rights attached, and it reminds the people in each state that they are playing for keeps. The things that people do to get this game are legendary, and it occurs in a small area where everyone is invested in one team or another.

#5: UGA And Tech

Georgia and Georgia Tech are at odds all year as their fans hate on each other from a close distance. The two schools are quite invested in ensuring they have the right to brag in the new year, and they will go to great lengths to win their games because they will have the redemption they need on even the worst season.

#5: Florida And Florida State

This game is serious because of what it means to the national title picture every year. These two teams have effectively played for the national title on more than one occasion, and they will likely do so again considering how good their teams. They are quite competitive, and they sit on opposite sides of the state where they may fight each other for supremacy.

#6: FSU And Miami

The two teams are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but they do not like one another at all. These two schools are strong, and they are fighting each year to rise in the rankings in their games. They are some of the best teams in the football world every year, and they have won many titles among them.

These teams have amazing rivalries that are lovely to see, and they will remain powerful in the years to come as they improve their teams, their coaches and ensure they are recruiting the finest talent.