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College Football Predictions


I know it’s summer but we are getting close to the release of Phil Steele’s college football magazine so I’m getting pretty jacked about the upcoming season.

Now, I’m not nearly the expert that Phil is, but I do like making some predictions about the season.  Then, when the season starts I normally visit Boyds Bets each Saturday morning and see what free picks are being offered by their experts.

Without further ado, here’s how I see this season shaking out.

The best teams will be Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Florida State.

Clemson went to the national title game last year and they bring back a lot of excellent players.  Add in the fact that the ACC is down and they should be able to roll through their conference and you have my favorite to make the playoffs.  Will they improve on last year and win it all?  That I’m not so sure about.

Alabama is a team that you can never count out of the conversation.  All they have done is compete for national titles year in and year out since Nick Saban took over as head coach.  Why would this year be any different?

Michigan is a team I’m interested in.  They lost a couple of close games last year but how about that improvement under Jim Harbaugh?  I think it’s only going to get better as he gets his guys familiar with his system and keeps racking up big name recruits.

LSU almost lost their head coach last year, but a change of heart by the administration has him still in Baton Rouge.  There are high hopes this year and it seems that whenever Miles has a quarterback he’s right there with a chance to win the national title.

Ohio State has been a dominant force in the Big 10 since Urban Meyer came out of retirement.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team lose so much to graduation and expect to just reload like they are.  My guess is that this team disappoints a little bit, especially with the Wolverines coming on so strong.

Last year was supposed to be the year Tennessee broke through.  Well, those young kids are a year older now and I think this is their season.  A tough schedule as always in the SEC is the only thing I see standing in their way.

I’m pretty certain you’ll see four of those teams making the college football playoff this season, but here is one that might surprise you: Boise State.

You see, Boise State has a decent team but they also have something else going for them: a very easy schedule.  I’m not certain they are going to lose a game, and if they don’t lose a game then it’s going to be difficult to keep them out of the playoff.

Another sleeper to watch out for is Houston.  Houston has a tough game to open up the year against Oklahoma.  If the Sooners don’t come prepared and get upset then the Cougars will be in a great spot to secure one of the four spots as the rest of the schedule sets up nice until they face Louisville in mid-November.


Increasing Your Horse Power

Do you want to get your car moving faster?  We looked up a video from Engineering explained to help detail how you can do it.

In order to increase horsepower one of the options is to burn more fuel.  To do this you need more oxygen.  Some devices adds extra oxygen to the combustion chamber.  More air equals burning more fuel and thus more power.  There is more torque on the crank shaft.

You can also increase your efficiency.  That means it’s losing less power and making more.  You can increase your compression ratio to do this.  Alternatively, you can reduce friction.  If two items in your engine are touching, reducing friction will reduce the heat created and your engine will create more useful power.

Another way to boost your speed is to increase your engine revolutions per minute (RPM).

Horsepower is equal to torque times the horse power divided by 5252.

The final way is to reduce inertial forces.  That is both up and down and side to side.  Less energy used moving the piston translates to more energy moving your car.  When you accelerate you increase your rotational inertia.

Now, to increase your wheel horsepower, traction can’t be a factor.  Your wheels can’t spin.  If traction is a limiting factor you have to increase grip to improve your usable horsepower.  Stickier tires can help.  Or, you can increase the force pushing down on the tire.  But, if you use weight to make your car heavier, it also accelerates more slowly and defeats the whole purpose.