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Greatest College Football Teams of All Time

College football attracts millions of viewers every week. Even though many players have went on to have successful careers in the NFL it still seems that a few college teams look like they can play a better game than some of the professional teams. These are some of the best college football teams of all time.

1988 Miami Hurricanes
This football team finished number two for the season but were still a rough group of players. They averaged 34 points a game and ended their season with a 23-3 win over Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. This team had a record of 11 wins and only 1 loss and they beat some tough teams. They did not have an easy schedule and rose to become a national power.

1974 Oklahoma
This team ended up averaging 43 points per game. Their opponents struggled to score, putting up only eight of their own on the Sooners.  This team has a 7-0 record in their conference and had a final record of 11 wins with no losses. The team finished number one for that year and is one of the best college teams to play the game. This team is still remembered many years later for their young defense and their amazing offensive players.

2015 Alabama Crimson Tide
This team went 14-1 for the season. Derrick Henry was the Heisman Trophy Winner. They beat Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl and then finished off Clemson in the title game. They consistently blew teams out by giving up only 15 points per game.

1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers
This team is considered to be one of the greatest in the history of college football. With Tommie Frazier as the quarterback this team was able to average 53 points per game. They won the Fiesta Bowl and had a perfect record of 12 wins with no losses. They impressed football fans all over the country. This team was considered to be unstoppable.

2016 Alabama
This team helps make the Crimson Tides one of the best schools to go to play football in college. For years Alabama has been a well respected football school and the 2016 team once again proved that to be true. Their freshman quarterback helped the team score an average of 40 points per game.

The defense only gave up around 11 points per game but shut many of their opponents out as well. The Crimson Tide went on to win all 12 of their regular season games and had no losses. They were well respected in the college football world and even though they are a young team they are one of the best to play college football.  It’ll be exciting to see what Nick Saban can do in 2017.  The future looks bright if you are a Tide fan.

These are five of the best college football teams in the history of the game. These teams were able to score record setting number of points per game while allowing their opponents limited opportunities of their own. These teams are still in the record books as the greatest teams to play college football.

What Colleges Have Produced the Most NFL Hall of Famers

There are many fine college football programs that produce amazing performances every year, and they are pumping great players in the pro ranks. The NFL hall of fame has more people from these four colleges than any others, and this article gives a brief look at each of them. There are many people who have been brilliant in the NFL, and the four colleges with the most hall of famers should come as no surprise to anyone who knows football. There are many people who have played this fine game, and a choice few have gone on to greatness in the NFL.

#1: USC

USC has produced nearly a dozen hall of famers, and they have been producing talent for years that performs well in the NFL. The people who come out of USC are quite gifted, and they are often the best-trained in the sport. They have had many fine coaches, and they have the finest recruiting system because of the power of high school football in California.

#2: Notre Dame

Notre Dame has been a talent machine for many decades, and they have produced players that go on to the NFL to perform at the highest level. They have won many national titles, and they do so with talent that is difficult to place. They have a culture at the school that will change any player into a prototype for the NFL, and they have placed 10 in the hall of fame. Many of the most-loved players in the history of the league are Notre Dame players, and they are still coming to the league to make their mark.

#3: Ohio State

Ohio State is a strong program that leans on the power of its defense and running game. There are many people who have come out of the school to play well in the NFL, and they are moving to the hall of fame because they have the constitution to be in the NFL. It is a strong player who survives in the league for many years, and Ohio State players are often known for their longevity. The longevity that is seen in the Ohio State Buckeyes is good for the NFL, and watching out for many players from the school to become great is a pastime of every NFL fan.

#4: Michigan

Michigan is not surprise in fourth place as they place many people in the NFL hall of fame, and they have had many of the best players in the college game. The game is better when Michigan is good, and former Wolverines often make the NFL great too. It is a lovely school that has a football tradition above all others. They have won more games than any other team and their players are often those who are making the biggest impact in the NFL.

#5: Why These Four?

These four teams have the longest histories of success in the game, and they have more chances than any other to place their players in the hall of fame. Someone who enjoys the game will find it much easier to watch when a Michigan player on the field, and they will see many of them stand in contention for the hall of fame. The Ohio State, USC and Notre Dame teams are no different, and each of them is strong enough to extend their lead on others in the hall of fame standings.

Watching college football is is s simple proposition that brings viewers in contact with the best athletes in the world. They often go on to the NFL where they are elected to the most-elite class in all of sports.

Best Rivalries in College Football

The college football world is covered with rivalries that stretch from state to state. There are schools in each other’s backyards that are not pleased with each other, and there are many more that will cross the state lines to fight with each other. This article explains a few of the different rivalries in college football that are the most intense.

#1: Ohio State And Michigan

No two teams hate each other as much as Ohio State and Michigan. The two states dislike each other as they have had disputes over land, and they are in disagreement every single day over which state is best. They will needle each other every day about who is better, and the two teams have contentious games that are known for their historic value. They have played for titles and traded championships as two of the winningest teams in the history of the sport.

#2: Florida And Georgia

The two teams at Florida and Georgia have named their annual game the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party, and it takes place each year at a neutral site in Jacksonville. It is a game that has bragging rights attached to it, and it is a game that many people want to travel to every year. The game is fun, but also goes a long way to deciding the SEC.

#3: Stanford And Cal

The Big Game is the setting for the most-magical ending to any game ever, and it is a game that everyone in college football is watching every year. It is a time for the world of the sport to converge, and it asks the world to stop to see what the game means to the people of central California.

#4: West Virginia And Pitt

The backyard brawl is a fine game that puts two teams in each other’s areas together to prove who is best. It is a game that has bragging rights attached, and it reminds the people in each state that they are playing for keeps. The things that people do to get this game are legendary, and it occurs in a small area where everyone is invested in one team or another.

#5: UGA And Tech

Georgia and Georgia Tech are at odds all year as their fans hate on each other from a close distance. The two schools are quite invested in ensuring they have the right to brag in the new year, and they will go to great lengths to win their games because they will have the redemption they need on even the worst season.

#5: Florida And Florida State

This game is serious because of what it means to the national title picture every year. These two teams have effectively played for the national title on more than one occasion, and they will likely do so again considering how good their teams. They are quite competitive, and they sit on opposite sides of the state where they may fight each other for supremacy.

#6: FSU And Miami

The two teams are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but they do not like one another at all. These two schools are strong, and they are fighting each year to rise in the rankings in their games. They are some of the best teams in the football world every year, and they have won many titles among them.

These teams have amazing rivalries that are lovely to see, and they will remain powerful in the years to come as they improve their teams, their coaches and ensure they are recruiting the finest talent.

College Football Predictions


I know it’s summer but we are getting close to the release of Phil Steele’s college football magazine so I’m getting pretty jacked about the upcoming season.

Now, I’m not nearly the expert that Phil is, but I do like making some predictions about the season.  Then, when the season starts I normally visit ESPN or Sportsline each Saturday morning and see what free picks are being offered by their experts.

Without further ado, here’s how I see this season shaking out.

The best teams will be Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Florida State.

Clemson went to the national title game last year and they bring back a lot of excellent players.  Add in the fact that the ACC is down and they should be able to roll through their conference and you have my favorite to make the playoffs.  Will they improve on last year and win it all?  That I’m not so sure about.

Alabama is a team that you can never count out of the conversation.  All they have done is compete for national titles year in and year out since Nick Saban took over as head coach.  Why would this year be any different?

Michigan is a team I’m interested in.  They lost a couple of close games last year but how about that improvement under Jim Harbaugh?  I think it’s only going to get better as he gets his guys familiar with his system and keeps racking up big name recruits.

LSU almost lost their head coach last year, but a change of heart by the administration has him still in Baton Rouge.  There are high hopes this year and it seems that whenever Miles has a quarterback he’s right there with a chance to win the national title.

Ohio State has been a dominant force in the Big 10 since Urban Meyer came out of retirement.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team lose so much to graduation and expect to just reload like they are.  My guess is that this team disappoints a little bit, especially with the Wolverines coming on so strong.

Last year was supposed to be the year Tennessee broke through.  Well, those young kids are a year older now and I think this is their season.  A tough schedule as always in the SEC is the only thing I see standing in their way.

I’m pretty certain you’ll see four of those teams making the college football playoff this season, but here is one that might surprise you: Boise State.

You see, Boise State has a decent team but they also have something else going for them: a very easy schedule.  I’m not certain they are going to lose a game, and if they don’t lose a game then it’s going to be difficult to keep them out of the playoff.

Another sleeper to watch out for is Houston.  Houston has a tough game to open up the year against Oklahoma.  If the Sooners don’t come prepared and get upset then the Cougars will be in a great spot to secure one of the four spots as the rest of the schedule sets up nice until they face Louisville in mid-November.